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2011/ Barcelona, Spain

​The project proposed involves four intermodal 20' shipping containers that create the core of the installation. Considering that each container is a self-supporting structure, and weighs approximately 2,2 tons, no additional structural requirements are needed, apart from securing the base of the towers. The dimensions of the containers are quite ergonomic and up to human scale, measuring 243x259x605. Openings are added, in order to bring in light and give a more open feel of the space.

Two of the containers serve as light towers. They make a compact unit with the incorporated spiral staircase, giving different views and experience at different levels to the visitor. Each tower can receive eight to ten visitors at a time. The openings of the towers is sided with LED lights that are connected to display boxes on top of the towers. They can be used by the visitors to play and communicate with each other, and give unique lightning effect of the installation. Alternatively, sensors can be introduced that will detect the movements of the persons present on-site and ignite specific lights and patterns. With the installed light system, various patterns can be seen on the surfaces of the buildings, as well as the ground. Thus the visual experience at night provides another way to enjoy the sight.

The remaining two containers create the pavilion. It is a multifunctional space where the visitors can eat, rest, meet, chill-out in hammocks, get a tan, party and have fun. They can both use the interior and the roof terrace of the pavilion. Furniture (stools, tables and bar-tables) from re-purposed pallets and used scaffolding is also planned. At night, the installation is a potential place to organize after-parties, events or informal gatherings. It also provides the perfect conditions for installing a temporary bar or reserving the area for sponsor presentation.

The installation is easily transportable, given that the design preserves the shape of the shipping containers. That way it can be used in the future editions of the festival or other activities of the company.



Competition: Build What Here? by the Roskilde Festival and the Danish Architecture Centre.

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