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Transforming a small factory 


TransfoLAB BCN



2015/ Barcelona, Spain


We concieved the idea of TransfoLAB BCN, the first Center for Trash Investigation, in 2012. But it took us a few years to find the perfect space for it. So when we saw an old factory for car parts being out for rent we leaped from joy! It had everything we needed, industrial look, old machines and tools, and vintage high ceilings. We made a full makeover to the space and for a few months everyone at Transfodesign learned how to build walls, laydown tiles, apply cement and paint  all types of surfaces. And after we did all that, we designed and built all the furniture we needed. TransfoLAB BCN now functions both as our headquarter and as a shared space for makers, architects and designers interested in design and experimentation with trash.

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